Is 14c28n Steel Good For Knives? A Complete Guide

Are you looking to buy or make a new knife? Has the 14c28n stainless steel caught your attention? If so, you might be looking to know how good it is and whether you should use it or not.

This short guide will explain everything you need to know about 14c28n. What is it made of, how strong it is, and more! That way, you’ll be more than ready to see if your next knife will be made using 14c28n steel – read down below to find out!

What Is 14c28n Steel?

14c28n is stainless steel made by the Sandvik group, a Swedish engineering company. Sandvik is known around the world for its high-quality metal-related products. 14c28n stainless steel was created by Sandvik’s engineers as an upgrade from 13c26, which is another stainless steel type.

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The 14c28n stainless steel was the result of a plan to create something similar to 13c26 but with a higher level of corrosion resistance. To achieve this objective, an even bigger amount of Chromium was employed to create this steel.

When it comes to knives, 14c28n is great for household appliances and everyday items. For outdoor- and camping-related activities, it’s best to rely on other types of steel.

14c28n Steel Composition

14c28n steel has a high Chromium and Carbon percentage. That mixture has one goal in mind: making a great steel for people worried about rust and corrosion.

  • 14% of Chromium: Increases corrosion resistance and wear resistance. It also improves edge retention and strength.
  • 0.62% of Carbon: Makes knives harder and more resistant. Too much Carbon could prove counterproductive – but this knife has the right amount.
  • 0.6% of Manganese: Improves brittleness and hardness.
  • 0.2% of Silicon: Adds strength to the steel.
  • 0.11% of Nitrogen: Helps with strength (like Silicon) and edge retention (like the Chromium).
  • 0.025% of Phosphorus: Similarly to Nitrogen and Silicon, it increases strength.
  • 0.01% of Sulfur: Increases the steel’s machinability level.

14c28n Steel Properties

14c28n has a high level of corrosion resistance that is uncommon in other knives. It also has good edge retention and wear resistance. Toughness, hardness, and sharpness are relatively good as well.

  • Corrosion Resistance: The main feature of 14c28n stainless steel. Its high Chromium content makes it a great option for corrosion-related tasks, such as cooking.
  • Wear resistance: Both Carbon and Manganese make this knife hard to dull. 14c28n has above-average wear resistance.
  • Edge retention: Similarly to its wear resistance, 14c28n has good edge retention. Both these properties combined are great in a knife bought to face constant wear and tear.
  • Toughness: Unfortunately, toughness is a weakness for 14c28n. High levels of corrosion resistance and hardness come at a price. That price is low toughness.
  • Hardness: This stainless steel it’s harder than other steels of a similar kind. Not the hardest but far from weak.
  • Sharpness: 14c28n will hold on for a long time before you even have to think about sharpening.

Is 14c28n Steel Good for Knives?

14c28n is a great option for knives – as long as you’re using your knife for the right thing. This steel’s main feature is its high corrosion resistance, which makes it the perfect option for constant cutting and dealing with weak things. On the other hand, it’s not that good for heavy jobs.

What does that mean? Simply put, 14c28n is great for kitchen knives and pocket knives. You will have no issue when it comes to dealing with different types of food and similar things that might corrode and rust a less resistant knife.

Unfortunately, if you’re thinking about going camping, 14c28n might not be the right idea. It’s not a sturdy knife and, even though it can maintain its sharpness for a long time, it could break under rough circumstances.

For everything you have to do inside the house, 14c28n is a great option!

Will 14c28n Steel Rust?

Sooner or later, all knives are bound to rust. Fortunately for all 14c28n-made knives, rust will happen later rather than sooner!

14c28n can deal just fine when it comes to rust. It’ll definitely rust sometime down the road, but it’ll take more than your average use to rust this knife. That’s the great thing about it.

This type of stainless steel has a high level of corrosion resistance, which makes it ideal when it comes to dealing with rust and similar nasty things.

You should always take care of your knives, though! No matter how resistant they are, they can always use a helping hand from their owners.

How Strong is 14c28n Steel?

Defining the 14c28n strength level is tricky. On one hand, it can take the wear and tear just fine. That means it’ll be strong enough to handle everyday things. On the other hand, you might get overconfident and snap your knife in half with something harder than average.

The thing about 14c28n is that it’s a resistant knife. It can take damage, sometimes more than other knives. The problem is that it has a relatively low breaking point.

14c28n is strong – but it’s not the strongest. If you’re looking for something that’ll cut through anything you throw at it, it’s not the best choice.

Is it Easy to Sharpen 14c28n Steel Blades?

You will find no trouble at all when it’s time to sharpen 14c28n steel blades. But that’s not the good thing about this knife, though! This knife will last a long time before you need to grab the Sharpening stone and bring the blade back to life when it comes to sharpness.

What Are The Best 14c28n Knives in the Market

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Final Word…

All in all, 14c28n stainless steel is a great option for everything you can do indoors. You should consider it if you’re looking for your next kitchen knife or pocket knife.

If you’re on the lookout for a camping knife, it might be a good idea to keep looking. Then again, it’s not that bad for the outdoors either! The 14c28n is something to keep in mind no matter what.

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