Dagger Vs Sword: 4 Main Differences

Dagger Vs sword: While it is possible to confuse the two and even use them interchangeably, swords and daggers are different from one another and have different features, purposes, and characteristics that set them apart. 

So, what is the difference between a dagger and a sword?

In a nutshell, a dagger is often a smaller weapon used in close combat, with a pointy end to plunge into its victims. Swords on the other hand are typically longer, can be either single or double-edged, and are used to cut, slash and thrust, rather than merely plunge.


So a dagger and a sword’s purpose and subsequently their uses, the materials used to make and store them and their general characteristics vary and are used as parameters to understand not just their differences, but also their similarities.

To give you a physical representation of their differences, think of the following examples. In Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare, it is a dagger that Juliet plunges into her bosom to kill herself. Using a sword would just be…impractical and inconvenient. It’s just too long. But, when Lord Macbeth and his soldiers rode off to war, they carried swords primarily.

Still don’t quite understand the difference between dagger and sword? Check out this comparison table.

What is a Sword?

A sword is a blade and weapon that can be used for cutting and thrusting, among other uses. Its exact definition varies, in accordance with the part of the world that it belongs to. Different parts of the world have different histories, cultures, and political situations that contribute to defining what a sword is, and what purpose it is to serve. 

Swords usually have a straight, double edged blade and hilt, but they can also have a single edge. So the characteristics that define a sword, like its length, proportions, the materials used, and make of the hilt and its sheath, are fluid. 

What is a Dagger? 

A dagger on the other hand is a fighting knife, whose sharp pointed end is designed to stab or plunge. It, like the sword, can be used to thrust into something- someone- and both weapons have been around for many years. Both weapons are used during close combat between two people.  Most swords have evolved out of daggers.  

While swords are often associated primarily with war and fighting, daggers, while they can be used in a fight, also have ceremonial and ritualistic symbolism in many cultures across different countries. Swords, too, can and do have cultural value. In China, a sword is called a dao, in Japan, it is known as a katana and in the Middle-East, swords are called saif

Dagger Vs Sword: Major Differences

Length is perhaps the most common factor that can be used to differentiate between a dagger and a sword.

Swords are often long and are held fisted in the wielders’ hands as if to thrust.

A dagger however, which is much smaller that a sword, is held poised, with the wielder holding it by its hilt as if to plunge downward, rather than thrust

Another feature that sets these two apart is the way they are stored. Daggers are stored in scabbards which are made from leather or metal, while swords are placed in sheathes. A scabbard can be a sheath, but a sheath, which is a more generic term, cannot be a scabbard.

Kept in sheaths.Kept in scabbards.
Swords are a typically longer than the dagger.They are shorter than swords.
They are used in wars to fight and in combat.While these are used in close combat, they can also have ceremonial or ritualistic symbolism.
They are used as primary weaponsDaggers are more often used as secondary weapons
Difference Between Dagger And Sword

Dagger Vs Sword: Similarities

Unless they were made in the ‘traditional’ way to serve a certain purpose of cultural or symbolic importance, a modern dagger or a sword is not much different from each other these days.

A traditional sword or a dagger will be custom-built, taking into account the wielder’s height, weight, sword arm, and the purpose they require out of either of the weapons.

In certain cultures, both swords and daggers are used to display certain martial arts, or even as a part of performances and for entertainment. Sword swallowing and dagger throwing and juggling are common parlor tricks that you can see at carnivals and fairs.

What about a knife? 

If you’re wondering how knives fit into all of this, here’s your answer.

Knives are used for stabbing and cutting people- and vegetables. Knives are cutting instruments and are of many shapes, sizes, and purposes, just like swords and daggers. It has only one cutting edge like swords sometimes do and even offers serration like daggers sometimes do. But, the crux of it is that daggers and swords can be called knives, but a knife cannot always be called a sword.


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