How To Sharpen Ceramic Knife Using Electric Knife Sharpeners for Beginner

How To Sharpen Ceramic Knife Using Electric Knife Sharpeners

We all have knives in our kitchens. In addition, I know that we all need products that last for long. This explains why many people choose ceramic knives over another type of knives.

When used in the right way, ceramic knives can last for many months without sharpening. However, there comes a time, when they will need to be sharpened. So, how do you sharpen them?

In this blog, we look at how to sharpen a ceramic knife by use of electric knife sharpeners.

What are ceramic knives?

Ceramic knives are made of tough, advanced, hard, and high-tech ceramic known as zirconium oxide. This material is light, chemically inert and wear resistant.

Their ceramic blade comes with many advantages. Since it is made of a hard material, it can keep its sharpness for long after being sharpened. In addition, it does not wear out.

In addition, the material is not porous. Therefore, the blade will not transfer odors from one menu item to another. It just needs a quick rinse and the odor will be gone.

Also, the ceramic blade does not rust. It’s also light and thus, do not strain your shoulders and arms while using the knife. They are also very dense and have very little pores.

These advantages make them the best choice for many people.

How to sharpen them? Why Choose an Electric Sharpener?

Ceramic is the second hardest material, To sharpen it, you need a material harder than it. This explains why ceramic knife sharpeners are made of diamond. There are various diamond-made sharpeners that you can use.

Many people choose to go for electric sharpeners because of their outstanding advantages. They are fast and thus, saves you time. They are also flexible and can be used to sharpen a range of knives.

Their grinding wheels are also designed to keep consistent content with your knife’s blade. This enables proper blade sharpening and maintenance.

There are various electric sharpeners that you can use to sharpen your ceramic knife. However, you should make sure that you go for the best electric sharpener that is proven and is worth your investment.

Kyocerca Advanced Ceramic Electric Diamond Knife Sharpener has all that you may be looking for. Perhaps, we can discuss it briefly.

Kyocerca Advanced Ceramic Electric Diamond Knife Sharpener

This product is made by Kyocera. It is an electric diamond knife sharpener that can be used to sharpen both ceramic and steel knives.


It is easy to clean as its grinding stone unit and cover are separate. It is battery-powered and uses 4 AA batteries. It has a #600 grade diamond grinding stone which can take up to 0.5 millimeters off the blade, and thus, achieve a 35-degree angle.

It also has an assist roller which makes sure that pressure is controlled and your knife is not sharpened too much. For your safety, dust and grinding are totally contained within the cover to make sure that you do not come into contact with them.

The product measures 6 X 3.7 X 7.2 inches and weighs 13.4 ounces. Its list price is $79.95 on Amazon.

Pros: As explained above, this sharpener is easy to clean. In case the grinding stone wears out, it is easy to replace it. The sharpening process is also easy and efficient. The sharpener protects your knife from over-sharpening and makes sure that you stay safe from grinding and dust.

Cons: After buying this product, you have to spend extra cash buying batteries. You also have to keep replacing them when they discharge completely.

I hope that the above information has been helpful in your understanding and search of a good knife sharpener. The features and advantages of Kyocerca Advanced Ceramic Electric Diamond Knife Sharpener explain why it is a top electric knife sharpener that you can use to sharpen your ceramic knife.

Get the best value for your money. Go for Kyocerca Advanced Ceramic Electric Diamond Knife Sharpener.

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