How To Sharpen A Ceramic Knife By Using Sharpening Stones For Beginner

How To Sharpen A Ceramic Knife By Using Sharpening Stones

What are Ceramic Knives?

they are knives made of extremely hard as well as tough ceramic, for instance, zirconium oxide and aluminum oxide.

Zirconia powder is dry-pressed then fired via a solid state compacting process to create such knives. A diamond wheel that is coated with diamond dust is used to grind the edges of the knife to sharpen it the resultant knife is a very strong one as according to the Mohs mineral hardness scale, Zirconia measures 8.5 while normal steel measures 4.5. Hardened steel measures 7.5 hence Zirconia is still better.

Such hardness is important especially when it comes to the time taken for the knife to call for sharpening. The major difference between the traditional steel knives that have been popular for long and the ceramic ones is the material that each one is made of.

Why We Use Ceramic Knives over Steel Knives?

There are way too many reasons why most of us prefer ceramic knives over steel knives.

  • One thing is the need to be comfortable while carrying out our tasks in the kitchen. Ceramic knives are known for their lightweight. In addition to this.
  • Tthey can retain their cutting edge for a longer period before they can be sharpened once again because they don’t react with caustic substances and strong acids like steel knives. This makes them comfortable and easy to work with as compared to steel knives. It means that you can use one for a very long time without getting tired, as opposed to using a steel knife. Again, they make it possible for you to do a lot of work within a short period of time because they remain sharp almost always.Another thing why most people love ceramic knives is that they are long-lasting especially if well taken care of They are made of a strong material and do not corrode irrespective of the conditions they are exposed to.
  • One more thing is that it is safer to use ceramic knives because they do not conduct electricity. Steel knives can get you electrified if they come in conduct with a current.

What Ceramic knives are best For?

Ceramic knives are best used to cut vegetables, boneless meat, bread as well as fruits and other similar products.

We should avoid cutting through frozen foods and bones using ceramic knives, something that could lead chipping or failure. In addition, ceramic knives are brittle hence good care should be taken to prevent them from falling.

However, they are the best knives you can ever have if well taken care of.

How To Sharpen A Ceramic Knife By Using Sharpening Stones ?

Unlike with other knives, it is wrong to apply a lot of pressure on a ceramic knives blade. keeping this in mind, it is important that you understand how to hold a ceramic knife while sharpening it using a sharpening stone.

  1. Never hold it exclusively by its handle or by its two ends while sharpening, like you, can do with a steel knife. It is always best to hold the blade with you two hands, spreading your fingers all over the blade. This way, your fingers can help prevent it from bending as a result of the upward force of the stone while sharpening.
  2. Spread on light force consistently with the fingers as you support the blade.
  3. Avoid any unintended snapping by ensuring that no flex occurs. The trick is to strike a balance between the force you have exerted and the blade using your fingers to ensure an upward or downward sharpening movement in the absence of any flex.

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