How To Use An Electric Knife Sharpener? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

How To Use An Electric Knife Sharpener

if we want to talk about How To Use An Electric Knife Sharpener we must Know first what is Knife sharpening means, Knife sharpening is simply the process by which a knife or a blade is made sharp. It is usually done by grinding it against a rough surface with hard particles that take away fine pieces of the blade, making it thinner, hence sharper.

Types of knife sharpening tools

There are various types of knife sharpening tools. Conventional tools used in the sharpening of blades include rough surfaces such as stone, smooth surfaces with hard particles such as sandpaper and in some cases a leather strap is known as a strop is used to straighten and polish the edge of a blade.

The material used to sharpen the edge of the blade must be abrasive in order to create the friction necessary to shave layers off the edge. Common knife sharpening tools are generally known to be powered by hands such as the file or the strop. However, electric knife sharpeners are now available to make the process easier.

Here are Must known Terms

Before talking about Electric knife Sharpeners and how to use them you need to be familiar with a few terms that will help you understand the process.

The Edge: is the thin side of a blade, usually used as the cutting part of an axe or a knife.

Bevel: The Bevel of a blade is essentially the shape of its edge. It is also known as the grind.

The Grit: is the size of the abrasive particles on a sharpening tool. This usually determines the degree of sharpness of the blade. The larger and more spaced the grit is the less polished finish of the blade and the smaller the grit, the finer the polishing of the edge of the blade.

Sharpening: This is the act of thinning an edge of a blade by grinding off its particles in order to make it sharp.

Honing: This is the process of maintaining an already sharp blade, usually one of the final procedures.

The Spine: This is the top part of the knife blade.

Swarf: The fine metal shavings that result in the sharpening of a blade are called the swarf.

How To Use An Electric Knife Sharpener?

Electric knife sharpeners generally have two to three slots that sharpen the blade to different degrees of sharpness. The three-step process usually entails creating the sharp edge from a dull one, sharpening the edge to a thin point and finally, honing the sharp edge of the blade to a fine, well-polished finish.

It is very easy to learn how to use an electric knife sharpener. The grits on the slots of the electric sharpener vary in size in descending order from the first slot to the third.

Position of The Knife

You need to position the knife in the slot with the blade facing downwards into the slot. Using your palm, press the heel of the knife as far down into the slot as possible. This is done to ensure that the blade comes into maximum contact with the sharpening stone.

Draw the knife through the Slot

electric knife sharpener

When you switch on the knife sharpener, the sharpening stones will begin to spin. Draw the knife through the slot to sharpen it to the desired sharpness. Make sure you do at least two passes on each side to ensure an evenly sharpened blade. Two passes on each side are actually all that you need to ensure a well-sharpened blade.

Do not be worried about crooked sharpening either. Most of the modern-day electric knife sharpeners have a guide, which enables you to get the best angle making it easier to give your knife the desired bevel. In addition to this, the slots are designed to hold the knife at a 15-degree to 20-degree angle which angles up slightly as the blade is pulled through.

That makes electric knives easy to use and often with precise results. The process is repeated on every slot, in descending order. Ensure that all your knives are taken through the process in the same order then afterwards; it is advised that you wash and rinse them to clear away the swarf.

Some electric sharpeners come equipped with magnets which collect the swarf, leaving a clean workspace. If not satisfied, you can re-hone the blade of your knife using the fine-grit slots of the electric sharpener until you achieve the desired sharpness. Your knife is now well sharpened and ready to use.

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