The Best Way To Sharpen A Pocket Knife for Beginners

the best way to sharpen apocket knife

A pocket knife with blunt edges will not cut efficiently. Pocket knives are often used for all sorts of purposes because of their accessibility. This can be found in the likes of cutting up boxes, carving wood, poking at an unidentified bug, and opening food packages.

With a dull knife, you will have to put more force to make the cutting process work. Sharpening knives will not take you several hours to achieve. In this article, you will find the best way to sharpen a pocket knife quickly.

Method A: Sharpen Your Pocket Knife Using A Stone:

The first step to take in this method is by selecting the type of sharpening stone to use. If you want to make your pocket knife sharpening process to be easier, simply select a stone that is around 2×6 inches. You can find a couple of choices of stone to purchase on the market such as whetstone, ceramic, and diamond.

Diamond stones: Diamond stones are designed in different sizes and shapes such as superfine, fine and harder. Diamond stones are porous and hard in nature. In several instances, diamond stones are usually created from metal plates with tiny items fixed to their surfaces. Since diamond stones are hard in structure, it will help to sharpen your pocket knives easily.

It is important to know that diamond stones remain the most expensive to purchase on the market.

Ceramic Stones: Before using ceramic stones, it is expedient to ensure that they are soaked in water. Soaking of ceramic stones can be around three to five minutes. Since ceramic stones are tougher that whetstones, it implies that they will sharpen your pocket knife blade better. Ceramic stones are more challenging to use even if they last longer than whetstones.

Whetstone: The easiest way to sharpen your pocket knife is by using a whetstone. Whetstones are made from coarse grit to fine stone. Your whetstone should be soaked in cold clean water for a couple of minutes before used on the blade of the pocket knife. When a whetstone is used several times, it can develop grooves or valleys where the knife is rubbed.

Method B: Useing A Honing Rod:

Studies have revealed that rods remain the best way to hone the edge of knives. It is crucial to also know that rods are considered sharpening steel. Since rods can be used to sharpen the blade of pocket knives efficiently, it is an excellent idea to select the best rod that can do the job the first time. The steel honing rod is the common option to find on the market today.

A steel honing rod remains the most reliable and effective method to sharpen your pocket knife. These rods can be fabricated from diamond and ceramic. Both ceramic and diamond rod remains the hardest items in existence. This implies that any rod made from diamond or ceramic will help to sharpen your knife without stress.

Diamond rods have been known to create smoother blades when sharpening knives. Nevertheless, ceramic and diamond will always help to sharpen your pocket knife quickly.

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