What is A Poop Knife? Simple Guide

What is a POOP Knife?

We can all agree that everyone has ever come across or used various types of knives in their lifetime. However, a poop knife may not be as popular as the other types of knives due to its unique and funny usage.

It is not even surprising to hear that to some people it maybe for the first time to learn about it or see it. Although from a personal perspective, it would be wrong to say that a poop knife is something very new in the market, it may be due to my frequent usage and the numerous stories I have come across about it.

So what is a poop knife?

It is common sense to say that every human being poops either once, twice, or even thrice in a day, but that is not what is very important. The most critical thing about our poop regarding how effective it is to flush it down is the quantity of the poop itself. How big is the poop? A relatively big poop is more likely to clog the flushing system, and this can result in a real problem.

It is for this very reason that a poop knife comes in to help us split the poop apart hence easing the flushing process. Isn’t it beautiful? Big poops may require a lot of your attention to flush it down, particularly when your toilet wasn’t equipped or designed to handle such big poops.

Although it may sound funny to those learning about it for the first time, this knife has been in usage for a couple of years since the original product usage spread like fire through the popular Reddit conversation.

However funny it may seem, this strange conversation concerning the usage of the crazy tool on Reddit, it led to imitation that ended up helping so many people who had a similar problem.

Honestly speaking, a poop knife is as essential as the tissue papers in your toilet that allows smooth flow of poop without causing clogging. The good news is that the poop knife is now available on your local store and plenty on various online stores just for you to pick the right size for you.

Overview of a Poop Knife.

What is A Poop Knife? A poop knife is a type of knife that is kept in the toilet to help in slashing big concrete poops that will automatically congest the flushing system of your bathroom.

This knife may differ from the standard knives you know in that it comes with a dull blade and a long handle since, in case of a skin accident, it can result in skin infection. Note it is used after the bowel movement rather than during the act. It is a unique device that has been designed to help in flushing big poop efficiently down the drain system that could otherwise cause a blockage.

It is a legit tool while in its use, and therefore it is good to let you know. As the name suggests, a poop knife is for helping in effective poop flushing.

Who was the original poop knife user?

Just as you know there are many exciting stories and treasures you can come across on the internet as long as you precisely you understand where to get them, Reddit is among the top platform where you can learn and discover such treasures among other peculiar stories.

So what motivated this conversation that finalized up with a tool named the poop knife? It is a treading story of one of the Reddit fans by the name Learned Butt who familiarized this concept, which wasn’t accessible to most of us by then.

The user goes on to explain how his family had, for an extended period, using a typical poop knife for dismantling giant poops into small pieces that would make it easy to flush their toilet.

Many families with such issues have their ways of dealing with the problem or owns custom poop knives. This user’s family is just one of the many families that have embraced the use of a custom poop knife.

Reddit has affirmed that this particular poop knife shouldn’t be mistaken for a regular box opener. It comes with unique features such as silicone metal reinforcement, which offers adequate grip while handling, maximum hygiene, and generally easy to use and clean. Inevitably it comes with a 100% guarantee never to rust into a punji stick.

The further explain how he is shocked to realize at the age of 22 years that not all families knew or were using poop knives. He further explains how his family had this issue of pooping big, which necessitates the use of a poop knife, which had to be placed in a familiar place for everyone to get access to it.

However, there was an issue with their poop knife since it had already started to erode just like the ordinary kitchen knife.

He also recognizes that while maturing into an adult, several tasks and producers were in his household that was unique from those of other families. For instance, he learns how to use a poop knife despite its weird usage until he is customized to its usage at his home.

How to store a Poop knife?

The poop knife was suspended from a nail fixed on the wall of one of their laundry room, and it was only dedicated for only that purpose. The main reason for keeping it in a central place was the fact that their laundry room was at the center of the three bathrooms; hence it would make it easy to access by one since it was the only designated knife for helping cut the big chunks of poop.

The users experience at his friend’s home.

He further recalls an incident that happened sometimes he had visited his friend’s home. After using the bathroom, he realizes that there was no poop knife to help him flush the big poop chunks that would otherwise make flushing almost impossible.

He then asks for it from his friend, but unfortunately, none of them knows or has even a clue of what a poop knife is. They all ask him what a Poop knife is? He would also try to explain to them its purpose since maybe they could have a different name for it.

To relieve the tension and shame, he explains to them that his family had a genetic reason for this issue of probably due to their diet. Whichever the reasons, everyone in the family poops big chunks, and this was an apparent reason to use a poop knife to help flush the toilet quickly.

Such big pieces could only settle at the bottom of the toilet bowls thus blocking the entire hole, and no matter how much flushing water you use, it could only make it a spin. Anyway, maybe at some point in our lives, we could have experienced such an annoying ordeal, although not frequent as for this user.

For instance, although the user’s wife had not known what a poop knife or its uses was, she had mistakenly used it in opening several packaged boxes, but it wasn’t useful in that work. Fortunately, she had not used it in the kitchen. She now even doesn’t want to touch them, but Learned Butt is ready to pass on this knowledge to his kids.

The reactions on Reddit conversation.

The Learned Butt story was just a trigger that saw many other reviews their strange tools and techniques of handling their unique toilet-related habits, which we could not have otherwise known to date. The most surprising aspect about the poop knife usage is that after a one family reviews how they used a dedicated knife for breaking into pieces their poops, other families come in and pours even more crazy stories of their own poop knife experience.

For instance, a particular member of the family discloses how they had been accustomed to the use of a pee jar and Tupperware, a habit they had learned from their dad. The dad would pee in this pee jar and empty the content into the sink before rinsing it with hot water.

This jar was stored behind the kitchen window so that whenever one had to pee, there would be no need to go downstairs to the toilet but rather finish their business while in the kitchen. However, this brother later realizes that this behavior is such a weird way to move on with hence stopped it.

Another comment goes to a family member who discloses how they had been using a poop spatula that was always kept in the bathroom upstairs for universal accessibility.

How should you handle a poop knife at your home?

Apart from coming to a long handle, a couple of latex gloves are necessary to help you during their cleaning. Moreover, the usage of disinfectant regularly as well as replacing it regularly, is essential. The good news is that it features a silicon metal reinforcement that is easy to use, clean, and hygienic sensitive.

What was the real cause of toilet clogging due to big poops?

The fact that Learned Butt learned the use of a poop knife initially from his dad, it is right to say that it wants the natural tendency of pooping big that led to issues in flushing the toilet but rather than the incapacity of the toiled drainage system to handle such big poops with a single flush.

However, with the modernized bathrooms with advanced flushing water systems, these toilets can handle even such big poops.

Where can you buy a Poop knife today?

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Well, the good news is that you can get your Poop knife in online stores. Yes, it is a commercial product available in online shops and comes in various types, shapes, sizes, prices so that you can pick according to your taste and preferences.

Final conclusion

The simple Reddit conversation about Learned Butt story of a poop knife at their home has now become a very informative piece of information to enlighten many who had a similar issue.

It is right to say that everyone has a unique story to tell about their pooping experiences, but the good news is that you can now handle the issue of giant poops with a poop knife, which is more hygienic and convenient to use.

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