The Best Knife Handle Material for Sweaty Hands? Where to Buy It?

If you’re looking for a knife handle material for sweaty hands that won’t slip out, then the best material to work with is micarta. Many people will recommend replacing the scales on a hunting knife with micarta to improve your grip. This is because micarta is known to be more grippy once it is wet.

Are you curious to know what knife handle material is the best choice for hunters with sweaty hands? You’ve come to the right page. Today, we’re going to discuss what handle material is resistant to moisture so your sweaty hands won’t cause the knife to slip. Let’s find out what knife handle you should be using.

Which Knife Handle Material is Best for Sweaty Hands?

Best Knife Handle Material For Sweaty Hands

If you were to ask hunters across the US what their go-to knife handle material is for sweaty hands, there will only be one material mentioned, Micarta. This is one of the most common materials to use for the handles of hunting knives because they are still easy to get a good grip on when wet.

You can easily use a knife with a micarta handle if you’re sweaty, it’s raining, or you’re hands are covered in blood from the game. Since micarta isn’t smooth, it doesn’t slip as easily when your hands get wet. This allows you to maintain a good grip, no matter how sweaty your hands are.

What is Micarta?

Micarta is a thermosetting plastic that consists of composites of:

  • Carbon fiber
  • Linen
  • Paper
  • Canvas
  • Burlaps
  • Other materials.

All layers of material used to make micarta are coated in a resin. The resin will hold all the materials together, and then they will be cured at a high temperature. This process was originally used for electrical purposes or decorative items, but over the years it has been produced to serve a number of purposes, including knife handles. 

Is Micarta Better For Wet Hands Than G-10?

Micarta and G-10 handles are very similar. The main difference is that G-10 handles are made from fiberglass materials. Both a micarta and a G-10 handle are designed to be strong, however, the handles are smooth at first so they need to be carved so they have a grip.

When compared to one another, micarta handles have shown to be a better choice for sweaty hands. This is because the materials used to make micarta offer a better grip when wet. All the base materials used to make micarta handles are natural, so there is a lot more texture to grip onto when they are wet. 

Why is My Micarta Handle Slipping?

Most tactical knives will have a micarta handle because it’s easier to maintain a grip on without soaking up fluids or residues. However, some hunters will notice that their micarta handle starts to slip on them. Micarta is a synthetic material, so it will require maintenance to remain grippy when it comes in contact with moisture.

After you have used the knife many times, dirt and oils from your hand begin to clog up the grooves and ridges in the handle. This is easy to clean though, all you need to do is use soap, water, and a good quality sponge to clean it up. Once your handle is clean, it should have its grip back.  

Are Carbon Fibre Knife Handles Good for Sweaty Hands?

Carbon fibre knife handles have a lot of benefits, making them a great choice for hunters. However, they are not as easy to work with as micarta if you have sweaty hands. You likely will not get the same performance using a carbon fibre handle with sweaty hands as you would with dry hands or wearing gloves.

However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add a carbon fiber knife handle to your collection. These hands are very strong and durable. They are also lightweight but can withstand a high amount of pressure without breaking. 

One of the more unique aspects of carbon fiber handles is the artistic designs. Many people simply buy them to collect and use their micarta handles for hunting. 

Where to buy Micarta Knife Handle?

So if you have decided that this is the best knife handle for your sweaty hands, you might be wondering where to buy them?

While you may check local stores, I would indeed prefer to get them shipped to my doorstep from Amazon. Here is our top 5 recommendations:

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Final Thoughts- The Best Knife Handle Material for Sweaty Hands

When you are choosing the right hunting knife to work with, the handle is just as important as the blade. If you are prone to getting sweaty hands using a knife, you should consider when choosing what handle to work with. If the handle doesn’t have a good grip, you could easily drop the knife.

Micarta is the best knife handle material for sweaty hands. Since it contains many natural materials, the moisture from sweaty brings out the textures. This ends up improving the grip of the handle you are using. For this reason, many hunters will choose to bring a knife with a micarta handle to use in their game.  

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