Can Katana Cut Through Anything? Truth Revealed!

The process of creating a katana is a lengthy and complicated one. Although they’re not made from the strongest type of steel available, it’s the production process that makes them a marvel to behold.

The way they’re produced is by folding the steel over several times until it’s durable enough to withstand heavy pressures. A quality-made katana is a very strong and powerful weapon that can slice through a lot of tough materials.

In this article, we’ll investigate just how powerful katanas really are, and whether they can cut through various materials and objects like guns, bullets, other swords, and more. Stay tuned to find out!

1. Can a Katana Cut Through a Gun?

To keep it short, no, katana can’t cut through a gun; this is an interesting concept that was once tested on Mythbusters, a show where they tested various myths. In this test, they tested whether a katana can cut through a gun. For this, several factors need to be taken into consideration.

An old Japanese myth says that a katana could easily cut through American guns during WW2, and was one of the ways of disarming US troops. But is that really the case?

  • First, we have to consider what type of gun you’re trying to cut. For example, a Thompson submachine gun was a submachine gun that was commonly used by Americans, and it has a relatively weak barrel, at least compared to other guns.
  • The conditions that we try to slice the gun are also relevant. If you try to do it when the barrel is cooling down, then it’s more likely that a katana can cut through metal that’s already hot.
  • What quality steel is Katana made from? While most katanas are made from relatively poor quality of steel, they are folded over several times which drastically improves its quality.

And the final answer is no, katana can’t cut through a gun, especially if we try to cut the metal parts. Maybe it could cut the wooden stock, but the blow would have to be very accurate in that case.

2. Can a Katana Cut Through a Bullet?

So a katana can’t cut through a gun, but can it cut through a bullet? No, we’re not talking about flying bullets, but stationary bullets. We know that it’s practically impossible to catch a bullet; we only see that in movies.

A good katana can easily cut through a bullet. But for this, we also need to consider a few things. First, we need to know what type of katana we’re using. It has to be a quality katana, not a cheap one that’s made from poor materials.

Secondly, the type of bullet we’re cutting. While a katana should be able to cut through most bullets, it’s easier to cut through longer ones. Some bullets are thicker and smaller, while others are thin and long, and it’s easier to cut through these types of bullets.

But to do that, we need a lot of precision. For someone who’s relatively untrained with a katana, it would be practically impossible to try and hit the bullet, especially if it’s a smaller one. That’s why the size of the bullet matters here. But also, smaller bullets are much more compact usually, and slightly harder to break down. But generally speaking, a katana is able to cut through a bullet.

3. Can a Katana Cut Through Another Sword?

Highly unlikely. If we’re looking at it from the perspective of a katana cutting right through another sword, it’s not very believable that would actually happen. Although you will find that the type of sword you’re trying to cut through also matters.

If anything, a katana might be able to break another sword, but not cut through it. It can break it if it’s struck from an unusual angle which can destabilize the sword or even break it. Most swords are made precisely for this reason – to stay in tip-top shape while in combat, and they’re often made from high-quality materials. Damascus steel certainly can’t be broken by a katana.

Stainless steel might be possible, although there are several factors that we still need to consider here. The first is the quality of the sword in question, and how well it is made. Only a flaw in design or production would enable a katana to cut through another sword.

The primary role of a katana is not to cut through steel anyway. They would have difficulties cutting through steel armor, let alone another blade. The primary role of a katana was to cut through flesh.

4. Can a Katana Cut Through a Tree?

Cutting through a tree with a katana is not the best idea in the world. Firstly, the wood might harm the katana and render it useless. And a katana. would probably not be able to cut through a tree, especially if we’re talking about thick, big trees here.

At least not in one swing. Maybe you would be able to chop down a tree with it after several cuts and hits, but why would one even do that? Your katana is not meant for cutting trees, and you’ll only damage the blade. In some cases, permanently. So don’t try to do it at all – we can tell you here it’s not the best idea.

Maybe a katana would be able to cut through a smaller and thinner tree, like a 1” sapling or smaller leaves of the tree. But we know that wood is a fairly resistant material against swords, which is why many armies in the medieval times used a lot of wooden materials where the blade would get stuck.

A katana can’t absorb the shock coming from trying to cut a tree. That’s why axes and other tools are used, but a katana would not do well in that scenario at all.

5. Can a Katana Cut Through Plate Armor?

Katanas are not made for cutting through armor, but through flesh. And that’s why a katana would not be able to cut through plate armor. Plate armor is usually quite thick, and not even the strongest swords would be able to cut through it. At least, not if we strike at it with the blade; maybe we would be able to strike through it with the tip.

A katana might be possible to cut through mail armor, although even mail armor is pretty sturdy. And it may be possible to strike through the mail armor with the tip. The concept of katana cutting through the armor was tested in this video.

As we can see, the katana is able to make a dent when they try to strike with the katana at the armor plate. However, when they try to pierce it with the tip, we can see that it almost cuts through it; it does it only slightly, which can potentially harm the person.

So even if you would try to strike through a metal armor plate, you wouldn’t be able to do that. The katana is just not designed for this purpose. A katana’s primary purpose was to cut through flesh, and not through a plate armor.

6. Can You Slice a Boulder with a Katana?

Probably not. Then again, it depends on the type of boulder you’re trying to cut through. Mostly though, you would end up damaging your katana so much that it would become practically useless. It might be something that you have seen in anime or movies, but the strength and the cutting capability of a katana is often overrated.

While yes, they are usually very strong, powerful and sharp blades, you would not be able to slice a boulder with a katana. It’s not even recommended to try it, as it’s been done and tested and the results were not good!

Perhaps you would be able to cut or slice softer types of rocks, such as sedimentary rocks. These tend to crumble when pressure is applied to them, and it’s possible that a katana would be able to slice them.

Some suggest that you can try to stab the boulder which will make cuts in the boulder. But that’s also somewhat of a myth. While a katana might be able to leave some marks and dents in the boulder, there’s a much higher likelihood you will blunt your blade. In the worst-case scenario, you might end up breaking your katana, so it’s not the best of ideas.

Wrapping Up

Katanas are usually relatively strong blades, and that’s mainly thanks to the way they are made. They require very complex production techniques, and the better they are produced, the more they can cut.

Of course, the materials matter a lot. The better and stronger the material is, the more the katana will be able to cut. However, even the strongest and best katanas are not able to cut through some materials.

For example, katanas are not able to cut through a gun, or through metal armor. Boulders and other swords are also materials that will withstand the pressure of a katana.


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