Mother of Pearl Knife: The Elegant Truth

There are many kinds of mother of pearl knives offered in the market. Big and small, varied colors, each with its own shape and form. Whether one has a knack for collecting knives in general or is simply curious about owning a mother of pearl knife, this is something that is definitely worth every buck! Before you make up your mind, you might want to consider reading this article.

As humans, we are naturally curious and tend to have a lot of questions in our minds to debunk or confirm certain thoughts and assumptions. In this good read, we’re going to talk about everything there is to know about the mother of pearl knives and the mother of pearls in general. Compiled here are a few common questions and detailed answers to help you. Read on for more information!

What is a Mother of Pearl?

Everyone starts with not knowing and then proceeds to learn about it. Now that we have started talking about the mother of pearl knife, we’re going to give you a brief introduction to what a mother of pearl is. Just like any other thing around the world, there are different kinds of pearls, each with its own unique properties. Also called nacre, this pearl has long been used to make knives or knife handle scales.

Unusual, right? That’s what I thought too. However, as we tried to read more about this pearl, we learned that a mother of a pearl describes the hard and glossy coating which eventually forms into a pearl. This is used in making jewelry, decoration, other crafts, and many more. Compared to others, it is quite a versatile material.

But before anything else, we must discuss its composition and original purpose.

What is the composition of a Mother of Pearl?

A mother of pearl can be found in mollusks such as snails, pearl oysters, freshwater mussels, and abalone. It is described as a material that is made up of 95% calcium carbonate and minerals. Before it is used for making knives, jewelry, and other things, it first served and serves as mollusk’s protection against their natural predators.

This high calcium carbonate content makes these mollusks impossible to eat or chew by their enemies. Additionally, if you look closely, these mineral contents are arranged in small, hexagonal plates that cover the inside of the shell, which have small gaps. These are then filled with matter that bonds these materials together into something impenetrable.

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What is a Mother of pearl knife?

While the question already speaks for itself, it is a knife whose handle is made of a mother of pearl. There is no single style when it comes to this knife, as it is easily honed and molded according to the preference or needs of the person. Additionally, it also comes in various shapes and sizes.

If you aren’t aware of it yet, it comes in other colors too. Despite white being the most well-known one, it has a variety of colors such as silver, black, gray, yellow, red, and blue-green. However, these are rare so it naturally has a higher price than your usual mother of pearl. When it comes to the price range, it varies depending on what kind of mother of pearl is used and what it is used for.

Is the Mother of Pearl Valuable?

If jewelry made from pearls already costs a fortune, what more if it has a bigger, wider form? While Mother of pearl is considered valuable, I wouldn’t say that it is the most expensive material that you can find. In some cases, one can get it at an affordable price. This is because, compared to other materials such as gemstones or diamonds, pearls have quite an abundant supply.

This means that it isn’t the hardest to find, but doesn’t mean that it’s cheap either. In some places, mother of pearls is sold wholesale in kilograms with a price range of $9 to $17 per kilogram. It depends. For a fun fact, Europe is one of the places where the mother of pearl is in demand the most. People there use it for jewelry, buttons, and even crafts.

In a nutshell, a mother of pearl can be put in the middle in terms of the price range. There are times when you can get it at a low price, and there are times when it costs a fortune. Aside from the market that you look for it in, one should also try and haggle with the knife maker or store.

Advantages of owning a Mother of Pearl Knife

If you’re wondering if the mother of pearl knife is worth the buy, we figured that you have to read about its advantages and disadvantages of having one. For one, having this kind of knife is an assurance that you’ll have something that you can use for a long time. Because it is known to have a strong, impenetrable surface, you would be able to use it for a long time.

Moreover, this also makes an excellent choice for people who want to have something that looks classy and expensive. Despite it being affordable to a certain extent, it offers a look that automatically radiates class because of its metallic sheen. Not only does it offer aesthetic advantages, but it can also be used the same way other knives are used too.

For instance, a mother of pearl knife can also cut and slice something. It also does wonders when it comes to poking holes or even trimming surfaces of certain materials. The only edge it has is that you can do it in style.

Disadvantages of owning a Mother of Pearl Knife

Of course, if there are advantages, there are also disadvantages. Some of the cons of owning a mother of pearl knife are; first, it tends to slip. This is because the material is naturally smooth. While it can be honed into something that has more texture and can provide a tighter grip, it is usually hard to come across a knife made this way.

The second disadvantage of owning a mother of pearl knife has something to do with your financial resources. Budget-wise, this isn’t the most affordable knife on the market. However, the expensive price of this knife is fair, considering that making these takes a lot of time and effort, and it also depends on what kind of mother of pearl was used.

For example, there is such a thing as a Black Mother of Pearl. Generally, a lot of people are accustomed to pearls being white. If there is such a thing as rare animals or exotic food, there is also such a thing as a rare and exotic mother of pearl, which is the earlier black mother of pearl. This originates from Tahiti.

Is the abalone shell the same as the mother of pearl?

As a general, well-known fact, abalone and mother of pearl are often used in knives, which is the reason why there are mistaken as the same. However, here are a few differences that one should take note of to be able to differentiate between the two. First, an abalone is defined as a marine snail, which is known for its beautiful appearance and excellent taste.

Compared to a mother of pearl which pertains to mollusks and snails, some of these aren’t edible and aren’t known for their beautiful shells. The second difference is that the colors of a mother shell are duller compared to that of an abalone shell. In short, its shells are much brighter, iridescent, and have a wider spectrum of colors.

The third difference is in terms of structure. Abalone shells have their respiratory pores and structure near their outer part, whereas the mother of pearl has it in its inner part. Another concerning difference that is a must to point out is that harvesting abalones are limited compared to harvesting mother of pearls.

This is because it is illegal to harvest them due to their low levels of production caused by too much harvesting. Lastly, while the mother of pearl is abundant and rich in supply, abalones are rare and hard to find. This can be related to the earlier difference that it has low production levels, contributing to the scarcity of wild abalones.

Is Mother of Pearl and Pearl the same?

A lot of people mistake them for being one, but there are some differences. For one, the pearl is rare to find, whereas the mother of pearl is abundant and relatively easy to find. Another difference is that the mother of pearl is susceptible to foreign objects entering the formed material, while this situation happening to the formation of the pearl is rare.

When it comes to its quality when being shaped and honed, the mother of pearl is the first choice considering that it’s better used to form various shapes and designs depending on what is preferred and requested by the future owner. When it comes to similarities, both make great kinds of jewelry and crafts. While the mother of pearl is usually indefinite in shape, pearls are commonly in the form of teardrops or round shapes.

Why Do Knife Makers Use Mother of Pearl?

Mother of Pearl Knife

Out of the many materials that knife makers can use, why does it have to be a mother of pearl? Or, how did they even consider making a knife made out of it? Aside from a beautiful result because of using a flexible and durable material, it also holds a deeper meaning. For knife makers, using a mother of pearl helps them make something elegant and classy.

With an elegant knife, a lot of things are possible. Aside from having a fortune for a day, it also brings joy to the owner it will belong to. Since there is a wide range of mother of pearl to choose from, it is important to know what you’re looking for. You can start by thinking about the size you want, the color, and the design you prefer. Some people collect knives and treasure them for life, so why not go for something that’s well crafted, right?

With a knife that has the right balance of metallic sheen and an elegant look, you’ll have an extra something that you can keep for a lifetime. Just like jewellery, mother of pearl knives can also be custom-made, but at quite a higher price than usual.

What are the Uses of a Mother of Pearl Knife?

As mentioned earlier, all knives have similarities and differences whether in shape, size, or material. One similarity that they have is in terms of uses. After all, anything that’s sharp can probably be used to cut and slice, right? Here’s a shortlist of the things you can use the mother of pearl knife for.

First Aid

A lot of situations where first aid is needed involve a knife or a pocket knife. This is used to remove any thorns, splinters, and even cutting bandages and opening bottles. You never know when an emergency happens, so having a knife will always be handy. Although rare and highly unlikely, one can be faced with a situation where they have to use a knife on the spot to remove something.


Initially, knives weren’t made to serve as a weapon, but you never know when you’ll find yourself in a situation where you have to defend yourself. When you take the time to read about it, you’ll learn how to best stop or slow down any potential threat that you can encounter. As a future or present owner, remember to be responsible at all times. A knife is something that can do harm and good, and it’s up to you how you’re going to use it.


May it be for camping, fishing, and other adventures that one experiences from time to time, owning a mother of pearl knife can make a big difference in how every moment can turn out. For example, camping. Making food, cooking it, and even setting up a tent requires some sort of cutting. How else can one accomplish that without a knife, right? It can even come in handy when making a fire!

Additionally, when it comes to fishing, it can be used to remove hooks, cut fish, and cut lines. From time to time when you want to grab a snack, you can use it to slice or peel your food or open a can too. In short, knives make a great replacement or backup tool for a lot of things. Just remember to be careful because you might hurt yourself!

Letter and Box Opener

As cute as it sounds, a mother of pearl knife eat job as a replacement for your letter opener. In just one swipe, you have your box and envelope ready to be opened! Additionally, it can also be used to cut any wires, cables, or other tangled things that you think should be cut off.

Additional Functions

Of course, it doesn’t stop there. When your resourcefulness and creativity kick in, there are more ways to make use of your mother of pearl knife. When it comes to leisure or activities, you can train to play with it by twisting and turning your knife. Moreover, you can also use it to cut the edges or trim some loose threads or ends of something.

In more unlikely scenarios, mother of pearl knives can be used to carve, be thrown at target practice, or simply be kept and displayed. How you use your knife depends on you, so just remember to think wisely before using it somewhere or on someone.

Closing Thoughts

 All in all, here’s almost everything that you need to know when it comes to mother of pearl knives and mother of pearl in general. If you haven’t made your mind up yet, that’s okay! Anyone who finds themselves undecided can always take their time to think. Personally, we encourage you to carefully think about whether or not you want to own one, and why.

When you are able to answer your own questions, this can lead you towards being a more responsible owner and can help you use your knife wisely. Out of the many knives out there, there will always be a type that you’re going to resonate with. While it seems unusual to start buying and bringing knives with you, the reason why matters more. Remember to be responsible and considerate about how it can affect others.

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