How To Use Manual Knife Sharpener? In 4 Simple Steps For Beginner

How To Use Manual Knife Sharpener

Knife sharpeners are basically tools that are used to sharpen the cutting edges of knives or any steel blade. These sharpeners are of two categories: the manual Knife sharpeners and the electronic knife sharpeners. So if we want to talk about manual knife sharpener we can say that we have different types of manual knife sharpener.

One of the most common knife sharpeners is known as the sharpening stone. It often comes in either a round rectangular or rectangular shape which has a thickness of half to several inches. These stones are usually made out of carborundum or whetstone.


WhetStone is usually formed from mined minerals of silicon dioxide. They are divided into medium, hard or soft grades of the same stone. Each of the grades can provide various results for different weights of the blades. One has to lubricate the stone with some oil in order to sharpen the blade. This also makes it easier and smooth for the blade to be sharpened in circular motions.

Carborundum Stone:

On the other hand, the Carborundum Stone is usually made of silicon carbide. With time, its surface wears off as you sharpen the blades. This rectangular sharpener has one side which is rough and is used first while the other side is smooth and usually used second. This rough side is used for shaping while the smooth side for finalizing the minor patches of rough edges.

Sharpening Steel:

Sharpening Steel

Another manual sharpener is the butchers’ favourite known as the Sharpening Steel. It is a long, round steel shaft that has a handle as well as a textured surface along it. This helps to manually sharpen the edges of the knife, focusing on specific edges in the process of sharpening the blade. It has a length that allows minimum chances of unintentionally cutting yourself while you sharpen.

We also have the type that you can position on your counter-top and get your way through its slot numerous times to have it sharpened. One side of the slot has a sharpener while the other is used for holding.

These different types of manual knife sharpener are readily available in the market worldwide.

It is important for all cooker, hunters or anybody who use knives in camping, cooking, hunting or woodcutting to learn how to use Manual knife sharpener. We always warn children to stay far away from knives not realizing that cooks are the ones in greater danger of using the sharpened and dull knives. Below are the steps on how to use manual knife sharpener.

Steps To Effectively Use The Manual Knife Sharpeners

Step 1

Ensure that your knife can be sharpened manually. If you have a knife with saw-like edges then they are suited for this method. That is because they are factory-sharpened.

A knife with heavily-waved edges will not produce even results if manually sharpened. You require a smooth and even blade which is good for manual sharpening.

Step 2

The second step is that you hold the double-ring knife sharpener by its handle. If it is your first time using it, rest it on a cutting board.

Step 3

The next step is you pull the knife blade towards you through the opening between the two sets of rings. Retain the ring assembly flat on the cutting board and keep the knife perpendicular.

Put in enough pressure until you hear the sound of friction. Do not bear down hard because pulling the knife firmly through the manual sharpener will actually damage the edge. Three pulls are usually enough. Lift the knife after every pull and repeat the procedure. Don’t push the knife blade back through the set of rings.

Step 4

Wipe off the residue from sharpening the blade with a paper towel. Position the blade flat on the cutting board and then wipe all sides with the towel.

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In conclusion, all that can be said is that not everyone understands how to use manual knife sharpener as others do it the wrong way and end up messing up everything. The good part about this is that sharpening knives manually ensures you save more on electricity.

Ensure that you are attentive to what you are doing to sharpen the edges correctly and also to avoid accidents. The manual knife sharpener is the best for butcher knives and kitchen. This is because you can easily wipe off the burrs or even use water to wash it. It is your duty as clients to choose wisely and buy a suitable sharpener that matches your budget. The class is not necessary when choosing a manual knife sharpener.


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