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The Top 5 Best Throwing Knives You Can Buy

best throwing knives

If you’re a knife collector, one type of knife that you need is a throwing knife. These knives aren’t the most practical, but when you see them, you will fall in love. These knives are beautiful in the most deadly way. Plus, learning the art of knife throwing is very fulfilling.

If you want a throwing knife, there’s no doubt you will want the best one around. But as you look, what should you be looking for? What makes a good throwing knife?

That’s precisely what we’re going to take a look at today. I’m going to answer your questions about throwing knives, and help you get the best one for you. So let’s get started!

If You are in harry here is my recommend Best Throwing Knife:

Best Throwing Knife
Gil Hibben Competition Triple Thrower Set - Large
Gil Hibben Competition Triple Thrower Set - Large
Best Throwing Knife
Gil Hibben Competition Triple Thrower Set - Large
Gil Hibben Competition Triple Thrower Set - Large

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My Recommendations For The Top 5 Best Throwing Knives

Now we get to the part where I tell you my favorite throwing knives. If you’re looking to get into knife throwing, these knives are my recommendations for you.

1. Expendables Kunai 3 Piece Thrower Set

Expendables Kunai 3 Piece Thrower Set
  • Crafted from the highest quality materials
  • Built for performance and durability
  • Made in China
  • 12-Inch overall length
  • Perfectly balanced

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All fans of the movie “The Expendables” will love this one. These knives look exactly like the ones in the film. Exactly like the ones Jason Statham used with deadly accuracy.

Aside from its connection to Hollywood, this knife has a lot to offer. Right away you’re going to notice that this is one good-looking knife. It is a kunai blade, a Japanese tool that ninjas used for a lot of things.

The thing that makes the kunai special is how balanced it is. It is so balanced, you can throw it any way that you like. Because it’s balanced, it won’t spin in an odd way. This makes it easier for you to hit the target every time.

These kunai blades are also quite long. At 12 inches, they are going to pack quite a punch. It isn’t going to spin so much, which will also help you hit the target.

  • Perfectly balanced blade
  • 12 inches long
  • Beautiful Japanese blade
  • As seen in The Expendables
  • Not the most durable

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2. QEONIX Cold Steel 9733 80PGTK GI Tanto

QEONIX Cold Steel 9733 80PGTK GI Tanto 7" Carbon
  • High Carbon
  • Secure-Ex Sheath
  • Tactical knife with broad seven-inch Tanto point...
  • 1055 carbon steel blade with hard spring temper...
  • Integral quillon guard and polypropylene handle...

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In my tanto blade article, I already explained how deadly tanto blades are. The QOENIX cold steel tanto blade is not made specifically for throwing, but it has some great throwing abilities.

But wait, aren’t knives with handles not the best for throwing? Good question. The reason why this tanto knife is good for throwing is because of its balance. You see, the reason why handles are not good for throwing is that they disrupt the balance. Your hand may also get caught up in the release with a handle.

Looking at the handle of this tanto knife though, you’ll see that nothing gets in the way when you throw it. Also, when you hold it, you will find that it is perfectly balanced.

  • Balanced blade
  • Very versatile
  • Beautiful tanto blade
  • Perfect for self-defense
  • Not a real throwing knife

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3. Gil Hibben Competition Triple Thrower Set

Gil Hibben Competition Triple Thrower Set - Large
  • Safety and Durability tested for the toughest...
  • Quality materials used to make all United Products
  • For enthusiasts, collectors and tough users all...
  • 12-1/8-Inch overall length
  • 420 stainless steel construction

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If you’re looking for a competition throwing knife, these are the ones you’re looking for. Gil Hibben has crafted a set of throwing knives that is perfect for this.

Since it’s made for competition, this set of knives has everything you want from a throwing knife. It has no handle, it has dull edges, and its balance is great. This is a blade you can really learn how to master your throw.

The design is also very sleek. It is naked steel, no handles or cords on it. This gives you the best possible release when you throw it.

  • Competition knives
  • Sleek design
  • The set comes with three blades
  • Not the strongest

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4. SOG Classic Throwing Knives Set

SOG Classic Throwing Knives Set with Sheath - Fling Balanced Throwing Knife Set w/ 2.8 Inch Steel Blades for Traditional Throwing Knives 3 Pk (FX41N-CP)
  • 3-PACK THROWING BLADES KIT: Perfect practice...
  • SOG KNIVES FOR LIFE: Take care of your throwing...

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As I always say, if you’re unsure, you can always trust a good brand. SOG is one of the most well-known brands in the knife world. All their knives are American made, guaranteeing high quality every time.

Another great thing about trustworthy brands in the services they offer. If you have any problems with your knives, they will repair or replace it for you. So if ever you get a malfunctioning one, you don’t have to worry at all.

These knives are made from stainless steel, ensuring that they last for a long time. They hit hard and their steel is strong. Their point is like a spear-point, giving this knife deep penetration into the target.

Their paracord handle makes them nice to hold. But if you don’t want any handle, you can easily remove it any time you want. This lets you choose if you want a comfortable and good-looking knife or a high-performance one.

  • High-quality steel
  • Spearpoint tip
  • Easy repair and replacement
  • Not the best for beginners

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5. DXB-Sport A Professional Throwing Knives Set Viserys

DXB-Sport A Professional Throwing Knives Set Viserys, Set of 3 Knives with Sheath + Knife Key Chain Reduced Copy
  • Professional Sport Throwing Knives, Not Sharp,...
  • Best Quality Russian Knives
  • 1 Year Full Warranty From DXB-Sport
  • Long Distance Nospin Vanquisher
  • Developed With Regular Champions Experience

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Of all the blades I’ve recommended, this one has to be the best. This is a full professional throwing knife. It has everything you want, and it throws exceptionally well.

The Viserys is designed for no-spin throwing. However, if you want to add power, its balance is perfect for spinning as well. The length and weight of this knife are perfect, allowing you to get accurate throws even when your target is quite far away.

When it comes to looks, the DXB-Sport’s Viserys is quite plain. There’s not much special about the looks. But it more than makes up for this when it comes to performance.

This is a very strong and very durable knife. You can use it again and again without ever worrying. It is stainless steel, so you won’t have to worry about corrosion either.

Overall, this is a fantastic blade. The only problem it has is its price tag. But for what its worth, this knife is certainly not overpriced.

  • Professional throwing knife
  • Strong and durable blade
  • Super accurate
  • Pricey

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What Makes a Good Throwing Knife?

If you’ve been with us for a while, you should already have a good idea of what makes a good kitchen knife, hunting knife, and other types of knives. When it comes to throwing knives though, you’ll be looking for something quite different. When choosing throwing knives, you should look at:

Best Throwing Knives

The Sharpness

If you’re looking for a good throwing knife, don’t get a sharp one.

Wait, what? Don’t get a sharp throwing knife? Isn’t razor-sharpness one of the main characteristics of a good knife?

Well, yes. But throwing knives aren’t your typical knives. These are special knives that are used in a very unique way. If the throwing knife is sharp, there’s a big risk that you will cut yourself while throwing.

What you’re looking for instead is a sharp tip. You want the point to be sharp so that it will stick to its target. The rest of the blade should be dull.

The Length

Another important thing to look at is the length of the knife. Throwing knives come in a variety of lengths, anywhere from 6 to 12 inches.

There is no right length for a throwing knife. For beginners, going for a longer blade is a good idea. This is because they don’t spin as fast, so learning how to use them won’t be as tricky.

Shorter knives spin a lot when thrown, which is very cool to look at. They are not inferior to long blades, but for beginners, it will be more difficult to master how to land the point on the target with this.

The Weight

The weight of your blade is also very important. When choosing a knife, you need to make sure that its weight matches its length. If the knife is too heavy, you can’t throw it far. If it’s too light, it won’t be accurate.

To know whether a knife is the right weight, check its length. For every inch of the knife, you should get around 1.5 oz. So for a 6-inch blade, you should get a knife that is around 9 oz. For a 12-inch blade, 18 oz is the right weight.

The Handle

Another shocker for first-timers is that the best throwing knives don’t have handles. Handles may get in the way or change the balance of the knife, which is critical for knife throwing. For the best throw, there shouldn’t be any handle.

That said, there are still some great throwing knives with handles. These handles are non-obstructive and designed to maintain a good balance.

When choosing a throwing knife with a handle, make sure it is easy to release and isn’t very heavy. You don’t want to upset the balance of the knife.

The Balance

This brings us to our next point, the balance. The balance of the blade will greatly affect your throw. Throwing knives come in blade-heavy, hilt-heavy, and balanced options.

For beginners, it’s best to go for a blade-heavy option. The easiest technique of throwing is the hammer throw. A blade-heavy knife works best for this throw since you’ll be throwing blade first.

Hilt-heavy throwing knives need to be thrown hilt first. To do this, you’ll have to hold the blade. This is why you don’t want a sharp blade, you’ll slice your hands if you do this.

The last time is the balanced blades. These knives allow you to throw any way that you like. Plus, because it is balanced, it’s spin will be smooth and predictable, making hitting the target easier.

The Steel

As with every knife, the steel of the blade is one of the first things you should check. We all want a strong knife, one that can withstand everything we throw at it. For throwing knives, you’ll want one that can withstand everything you throw it at.

The reason why you want your throwing knife to be so strong is so that it won’t snap when it connects. Because these knives have such a forceful impact, weak blades will snap or bend when they hit their target. Also, if you miss and hit something like cement, your weak steel won’t survive.

That’s why you want hard steel. This way, your knives won’t be destroyed after a few uses.

Can Throwing Knives Kill?

Throwing knives are mainly for sport. But, as with all knives, you can also use this as a weapon if a bad situation arises. The big question is, can be throwing knives kill?

Yes, throwing knives can kill. They have sharp points and are thrown with so much force. The impact is enough to puncture through skin and bones. Throwing knives are super deadly as long as they’re accurate.

That said, throwing knives are not as deadly as we see in the movies. Those scenes where the protagonist throws a knife that instantly kills his attackers are not realistic. When you throw a knife at someone, they aren’t going to drop dead.

Instead, throwing knives leads to a painful and slow death. It’s a cruel way to kill someone. This is why throwing knives are rarely used in combat and tactical situations. They are for sport.

Another reason why throwing knives aren’t the best weapons is because of how unreliable they are. Getting your knife to stick on a target takes a lot of practice. The technique is difficult to master, and your practice is always going to be at a set distance.

Now imagine a moving target. A moving target that you can’t calculate how far it is. When someone is running towards you, you also won’t have time to set yourself for a good throw. And remember, if you miss, you won’t have any weapon in your hands anymore. That’s why it’s much better to hold on to your knife and engage in hand combat.

So can throwing knives kill? Yes. However, they are not the most effective weapon out there. This is why today, throwing knives is used for sport, not so much combat.

Are Throwing Knives Legal?

Given that throwing knives can kill, is it legal for you to carry them around? When I was new to knives, this was always my question. Which knives can I carry around without getting into trouble?

I soon discovered that the laws concerning this were very confusing. There are no set laws on what you can and can’t carry around. Every state has its own laws on knives.

To make things even more confusing, almost none of them specify their laws on throwing knives. Throwing knives aren’t the most common knives around, that’s why no one saw it necessary to make a law for them.

The only state that explicitly disallows throwing knives is Illinois. Here, you can’t make, own, sell or possess a throwing knife. Other than Illinois, the laws are all in the grey areas. Some states are known for being strict on knives, while others are known for the opposite.

If you want to be sure, check with your local state laws. This way, you won’t get in trouble for carrying your throwing knife around.


Like I’ve said, learning the art of knife throwing is a very fulfilling thing. That’s why with these tips, you should be on the right track to get the best throwing knife for yourself!

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