Glock Knife Vs Kabar: Easy Buyer’s Guide

When I see lovers’ initials carved on a tree, I don’t think it’s cute. I just feel it’s amazing how many people bring a knife on a date.”

You would be very surprised to learn how many Americans carry knives. People develop personal preferences on which knife they want to use. Recently, I was considering getting a new knife and I came down to a choice of two, the Glock Knife Vs Kabar. Two popular choices it seems.

So Which one is better? Read along to help you pick your next knife.

Glock Knife

Glock Knife

Many people identify Glock with firearms, but they don’t realize that the Glock knife is a military knife that originated in Austria and has a formidable reputation.

What is the point of having a military knife? Because of two factors: First and foremost, they are fantastic. Second, they are quite useful. Even if you don’t need one, “Glock” manufactures a variety of knives, including survival knives that may be used by everyone who needs a knife from time to time.

Glock Combat Knives

This firm makes knives that can be removed from their handles and deployed as a bayonet on a weapon (ok probably not high on my list of priorities). These knives are designed in close collaboration with the Austrian Army’s Special Forces, and they are designed to be throwable. I was looking at the Glock Field Knife FM 81, an improved version of the Glock Field Knife 78, but most of this information applies to other Glock military knives as well.

The Blade

The blade of this knife is composed of 1095 sprig steel that has been heat treated. You may be surprised to learn that this blade is dull when it comes out of the box. This can be off-putting to some prospective purchasers, but do not let it concern you. Putting an edge on this knife is a piece of cake. A benefit of sharpening and making the edge of the blade razor-sharp is that it does not go dull easily with appropriate use. However, bear in mind that the steel used to make this blade is incredibly strong, which may lead it to corrode a little faster than other steels.

It is obviously critical to clean and lubricate the blade on a regular basis. The blade is 3/8 of an inch thick and sturdy enough to handle most chores, while the length allows for batoning and chopping wood. The blade is also quite light due to its narrow width of 27/32 of an inch. In fact, it is even lighter than Glock’s shorter “Aircrew Survival Knife.”

The Handle

This knife’s handle is composed of the same polymer as Glock handguns. Because it is constructed of that, it is a very long-lasting since it is both heat resistant and electrically insulating. In addition, the handle contains a little pocket at the end that may be utilized to hold a few small objects. This handle’s plastic end cap is not particularly sturdy, making it unsuitable for use as a hammer. Many experiments have revealed that under severe conditions, the blade will break before the polymer handle. As an added bonus, this knife’s cross-guard features a built-in bottle opener that works surprisingly well.


  • The Glock has an incredibly sharp blade.
  • Constructed from high-quality steel.
  • Knife that is versatile and multi-purpose
  • Lightweight
  • The sheath is gun-grade.


  • If not used correctly, it might be damaged.
  • Rusts more quickly than other types of blades.

Summing Up the Glock

The Glock knife is quite well-made. It also provides outstanding value for money, whether used for throwing or combat. This product’s pricing makes it one of the value knives available. This knife’s steel is exceptionally robust and simple to sharpen. Even if you are a newbie, you should have no trouble sharpening it or using it daily. Other components of the knife, like as the sheath and handle, are constructed of high-quality Glock polymer. It’s the same one used for guns, so you can be certain that your knife will be safe.


Much of this information applies to most Kabar knives, however, I was looking at the full-size made in America KABAR knife. I also chose the synthetic rubber Kraton handle rather than the leather handle version of the more conventional USMC version. I also went with a serrated edge.

The Blade

The knife’s overall length is 11.75 inches, with the blade taking up 7 inches. The Kabar has a strong tang. The tang of a knife is one of its most critical components. It’s just as important as the blade and handle. Tangs are tucked away. Tangs are hidden behind the handle of our blades, so we can’t see them. As a result, many people nowadays are ignorant of what tangs are. We can’t see the tang, but your blades will come apart without one. The tang is what connects the blade with the handle.

The Ka-Bar knife is made of Cro-Van Steel and has a partly serrated blade with 6.5 inches of sharpened blade and 1.75 inches of serrated blade. For a sharper tip, the tip is a small concave clip point with an unsharpened swage grind. The original marine combat knives featured sharp swages for back slashing and stabbing but because of some anti-“double edged” blade laws in certain states, Ka-Bar now does not sharpen the swage.

The full-sized Ka-Bar knife also boasts a 2.5-inch fuller to minimize blade weight without sacrificing strength. Some refer to the fuller as a blood groove, which relates to the incorrect belief that a groove is required to enable blood to drain out and allow air back in to minimize suction, allowing the blade to be taken out of a person.

The Handle

The synthetic rubber Kraton handle offers a strong feel and a substantial protecting hilt that extends at least 1/2 inch from the handle on both the top and bottom. There is also a leather handle version.


  • Constructed of high-quality materials. The high carbon steel 1095CroVan and the pure quality leather genuinely make it a thing to seek for.
  • Constructed in such a manner that it may be used as a weapon-a genuine “fighting knife.”
  • A product of the ancient Ka-Bar and might become a source of pride for an ex-army or navy member.
  • Versatile and may be used for other reasons other than as a weapon, such as preparing food preparations.
  • Because of the leather handle, it is easy to use.
  • Long-lasting and resistant to bad weather.
  • Has a nice appearance and might be an excellent collectable for your display case.
  • Weather-resistant sheath


  • The sheath is not of high quality.

Summarizing the Kabar

As you can see, the KA-BAR Full-sized Fighting Knife is an excellent knife in its price range, combining various qualities that you would anticipate from a product of this sort. It is the knife to seek for, from its stylish appearance to the high-quality materials utilized, and from its various capabilities to its long-lasting construction.


Having now written down my findings on these two excellent knives, I am still unsure which one is the better knife. They both have great features and excel in their own unique ways. However, I personally went for the Glock in the end. Perhaps I should just leave it by saying that both knives are highly recommended and whichever knife you choose, you will not be disappointed.

Glock OEM Field Knife 6.5" Fixed Blade with Root Saw, Battlefield Green
  • Spring steel HRC 55, phosphate treated blade
  • Polymer grip
  • Total Length is 290 mm / 11.4 in

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